The history of robots Transformers creations has started couple of years ago in Russia…

One girl has asked her father to give her a transformer as a birthday gift. She wanted a cute Bumblebee from the famous movie “Transformers”. And father of course had promised her to make her dream come true! That’s how this robot had appeared! After that there were different kind of robots all over Russia.

How happened that Transformers came to Greece?

One evening my wife showed me videos and photos from celebrity parties with Transformers. I was impressed how real they seemed to me. Later on she was thinking why there is nothing such as show in Greece? So we decided to bring it to our children first as greatest show and opportunity to be into fantasy world. Our costumes are made by individual tailoring. We improve ourselves every day to make our clients be happy. And our children deserve the best!
Having no analogue in Europe the Transformers show will surprise even the most demanding audience! The show that has won the attention in Russia is now in Greece!

Just imagine that the 2 metres high heroes of the most famous movie “Transformers” with the glowing eyes, moving bodies and weapons are alive. But not only that, they speak, communicate, move and even dance. They are so real that even adults would not be in doubt that they face the real machines revived!

Our animators are professionals with much experience. They speak 3 languages: Greek, Russian and English.

We can also provide you a smoke show. Plenty of smoke from our special cannons will impress both children and adults.

The Transformers are suitable for any promo actions, advertising, movie premiere, opening ceremony, presentation of a new product and any other case.

For the information or to make an order please call at: 694 345 2001