We will arrive at any kind of parties and events: birthday, New Year, X-mass; any kind of places: schools, kindergartens, cafe.
We develop special program and individual scenario just for you, for your event. Our program includes 30 minutes dance show, contests, games and cannon shooting.

Our goal is to create a real world for your child with our Transformers and to make him feel as a main hero of the fantasic show!

Because all parents want the best for their children!

Also you can congratulate your friend by inviting our Transformers to a birthday party into clubs, bars, restaurants. The Transformer is able to bring a birthday cake. This kind of surprise will be unforgettable for sure!

Weddings. We offer a unique show program for justmarried couples and their guests! We will make any of your wish come true. We can also meet guests giving them great emotions. For the most creative clients we provide the photo session with Transformers. They even can be a bridesmaid!

And the most brave can make a marriage proposal with the help of our Transformers according to specially developed scenario.

Promo actions. We provide any kind of promotions and advertising. There is an individual approach to each client. For example, we can distribute your flyers, advertise shops or stay with your products in the promotional stands, attracting people to your business.

Opening ceremony. The opening of the store. Transformers will help to tell about you everywhere in the city and to attract mass media!

Nightclubs and bars. Dance show of our Transformers will be remembered for a long time.

Personal photo shoot. You will have the ability to make an incredible photo shots with our heroes.

We work at any kind of parties or event in shopping centers, children’s shops, car showrooms, cinemas.

We meet guests and create the theme parties. We participate in exhibitions, public festivals and concerts.

We can also provide you a fog and smoke effect show. Plenty of smoke from our special cannons will impress both children and adults.

Our Transformers will arrive on Earth wherever you call them!

You can order one or two of Transformers.

We have a 20 minutes express congratulation program.

A 30 minutes ready dance show.

Working time of our robots is 1 hour and more depending on your wishes and preferences.

Our animators can work without interruption up to 4 hours.

We have an individual combat gear transformer. Cannons, swords, etc.

Also there is a powerful audio system in a cube form.

We accept orders for personalised birthday cakes.

We offer innovative solutions which will make your event amazing and sparkle.
Fireworks and special effects are one of the areas that we can offer.

Flying lanterns, decorative lights and swimming pool lights will create a romantic atmosphere to your event.

Also there are countless combinations of colours and designs for balloons with pictures of favorite characters, colorful flowers, LED balloons that light up the sky and the sea. And much more that can make your event to be special. We are here to help you.

Confetti, smoke and piñatas will complete your party.

All our partners have many years’ experience to create the best result.
Thus, we are ready for any format of the party or event to satisfy your wishes. Nothing is impossible for us. Just ask !!!